Man. Blogging, right? I’ve tried it before. All the cool kids do it. But I was never able to stick with it. Even a little bit.

I tried Wordpress. I hated every minute of it. Wordpress is giant and heavyweight and clumsy and stupid. I managed to stick it out for a few posts, but the post editor was just unusable. I don’t know how so many people use it. Formatting text, inserting code, adding images, doing layout. Everything was a nightmare when all I wanted to do was type.

So, later, I swung it around the other way.

I tried Jekyll. And I liked it for a while. It was really cool and hackery. I could just type in a text editor and use markdown to format my stuff. It was great. However, actually administering the site was infuriating. Installing themes was easy enough, but tweaking styles and getting things the way I wanted was incredibly frustrating. And if I decided to do a bit of distrohopping and lost my local repo, rebuilding it from the source branch was still difficult. I dunno maybe I just don’t know enough Ruby.

So now I’m trying Ghost. It seems to be a nice middle ground. This post UI seems really nice, just a text area that accepts markdown and has live preview. There’s no git repo I need to keep track of. And it’s written in nodejs. I really like node.

So, uh, that’s my first (and likely only) post. You know, until sometime in the future when maybe the whole ‘online presence’ thing it’s just because I have nothing better to do one night.